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2011-07-24 01:47:18 by treyhaur

I have, for the most part, abandoned NG. My tracks will stay posted but at this point, it's very unlikely that new stuff will be posted here. My main landing for my tracks will be my soundcloud page which can be found here

Pop music...

2010-12-24 04:06:30 by treyhaur

Pop music today is a post-pubescent teenage white girl sitting in her room singing to herself about how she wants to fuck douchebags while drinking whiskey that's been aged longer then she has. Fuck you, Ke$ha!

I get hired as a DJ, fill in a little on the bar and the door, and now they're putting me on a permanent bartending position for one day a week. Maybe I should just put on a G-String and get ready for a stripper exodus.

School sucks

2010-09-26 00:44:52 by treyhaur

Has anyone else ever attended a college course that felt like it was high school?

As a result I will probably have less time to give to my music, which really sucks. I'll try to post a submission here and there but there's going to be a lot less...

NG sucks sometimes...

2010-08-13 15:38:11 by treyhaur

It would be better without all the pissy 13 year olds. They get all pissy for no real reason and what goes through their mind? "I know! I'll vote zero on all of this guys submissions! Then I'll have my revenge for that stupid forum post he made!" I suppose once their balls are removed from the shrink wrap they'll actually just send a message voicing their displeasure, but for now I guess we all just have to put up with the random zero bombing bitch. Oh well...

No hip-hop... Now what?

2010-08-08 17:59:19 by treyhaur

So my boss (who obviously has no clue as to how a strip club works) has made a new rule. Absolutely no hip-hop... That's right, a strip club that plays absolutely NO hip-hop. So as the DJ, I now have to find a suitable replacement genre for hip-hop and rap. Stay tuned folks, mainstream americans may have to start liking dubstep :D

Hell on the Job

2010-08-01 15:15:10 by treyhaur

So I thought everything was stable but apparently not... the club I work at is changing management again. As far as I know, my job is safe. But I'm anxious to see what the new operators want to do with the place. Maybe they'll buy a decent soundsystem with a subwoofer that doesn't sound like a flatulent eighty year old man. Or maybe they'll fix the stage so we don't have strippers breaking their asses because their heel got hung on a loose tile. Or maybe they'll burn it all down for the insurance money...

So I haven't been on NG lately because of this new job. I'm finally getting to put my audio and music skills to work as a DJ. Unfortunately, I also have to deal with the dumbest creatures in existence... strippers... fun to look at, painful to talk to. Anyway, I'm getting really tired of playing to same songs every night so if you have a track that you think would work great in a strip club, drop me a PM or something with a link to the track.

I don't review flash

2010-06-06 04:35:22 by treyhaur

Why do I not review flash? Because I'm not an animator and I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't speak up on things that I don't know shit about. I'm gonna stick to the audio portal...